Ear Domino

Most people immediately think of intervals and triads when they think of ear training. Quite a few have great problems with this and quickly lose motivation. Yet it is easy to understand that a well-trained ear has nothing but advantages for aspiring musicians. "Ear Domino" offers a playful approach to ear training, for which no previous knowledge is required.

  • Playful ear training
  • Functional ear training
  • Playing without time pressure
  • Play in time for bonus points
  • Game Center integration
  • iCloud-sync
  • Play with a MIDI-Keyboard (Bluetooth or USB)

The Game

The game is based on the idea of functional ear training, i.e. listening to tones in relation to the fundamental of a key or tonality. Experience shows that beginners find this considerably easier than traditional ear training. Motivation is maintained and the way to more demanding disciplines is smoothed.

When you start the game, you can first play freely with a selection of 3 tones to familiarize yourself with their sound. When you start the game, the app will play 2 tones for you. You have to repeat the second of these and then add a tone of your choice. The app repeats this tone and adds a new one, which you have to play again, and so on. The placing of a domino is symbolic for the imitation. After the third mistake, the game is over.

  • Play the second note
  • Play an additional note
  • After 3 mistakes the game is over

Bonus Points

Advanced players can try to play in time. If you stay exactly in tempo, you get double the points!

Pro Mode

If you manage to score 500 points, you'll unlock the pro mode. From now on, it's a mistake if you don't stay on the beat. But be careful! The game is getting faster and faster.

Idea for the classroom

What happens when you have a whole group of students play with the app together? I wanted to get an answer to this question. In the music theory class, I briefly explained how the app works and then the students got to play together. Those who thought they knew the solution were allowed to play it.

The score achieved was significantly higher than in the individual rounds. Everyone contributed. Neither the students nor I had expected it to be like this. It was a great collaborative experience.